Sloe Gin Limited

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The insider tip for gin connoisseurs and lovers per se. The basis of its recipe is the distillate of our London Dry Gin, to which wild sloe is added to give it its ruby red colour. An exclusive gin with the typical sweet-spicy aroma of juniper, sloe and other organic botanicals.

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Our Sloe Gin

There is a new member in the BREIL PUR Gin family – the autonomous Sloe Gin! This also purely organic BREIL PUR Sloe Gin – Liqueur with about 30% volume is based on the unique recipe of BREIL PUR London Dry Gin with alpine juniper, alpine roses and chocolate mint. Macerated for months with wild-growing and hand-picked Sloe, also known as blackthorn, another unique quality product is produced. Switzerland’s first Sloe Gin! Intensive red and clear in appearance. On the nose, juniper and the tart fruitiness of the sloe. In the mouth, a subtle sweetness with a multifaceted herbal mix. On the palate, bitter-sweet with light acidity, pleasant and long lasting. A perfect aperitif.

The highly complex production process yields a very limited quantity. Naturally, every Sloe Gin bottle is filled, labelled and corked by hand and is individually numbered with a seal on the bottle’s neck. There is nothing finer.