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Our Breil Pur Old Tom Gin Honey

Our new special edition of the original version of gin is called BREIL PUR Old Tom Gin Honey. The first purely organic Old Tom Gin from Switzerland! Particularly popular in England in the 18th and 19th centuries, the traditionally slightly sweetened Old Tom Gin is English heritage. BREIL PUR dares to reinterpret this. Organic honey with the golden seal of quality, collected 1’654 meters above sea level on the plateau in Tenna (GR), ensures the mandatory sweetness.
BREIL PUR London Dry Gin’s unique recipe with alpine juniper, alpine roses and chocolate mint forms the basis for the traditional distillation. This gin is bottled at 45% alc/vol. The highly complex production process yields a very limited quantity. Naturally, every Old Tom bottle is filled, labelled and corked by hand and is individually numbered with a seal on the bottle’s neck.
Enjoy it purely on its own, with premium tonic water or as a cocktail: more than honey. There is nothing finer.

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