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“Natürlich Schwarz” – the biodynamic farm located in Tägerwilen

“Natürlich Schwarz” is a versatile 30-hectare farm, owned by the same family for generations and located on a hill between Kreuzlingen and Tägerwilen since 1900. It provides habitat for 1075 high-stemmed trees with over 90 varieties of table fruit, 70 cattle, 180 chickens, around a dozen people, and many other plants and animals. A wide range of products is processed on the farm and sold exclusively directly. The farm stands out from other organic farms with its 100% pesticide-free agriculture.

Currently, BREIL PUR SA sources organic sloe berries from wild collection on the 30-hectare farm. Together with the farm manager of “Natürlich Schwarz,” Timon Schwarz, the cultivation of over two dozen sloe plants has been initiated. The first cultivated sloe berries of the desired quality can be harvested in two years.

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