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To produce our BREIL PUR Old Tom Gin Honey, we focus on organic honey with a strong character only, so that we can guarantee the trusted flavor of fullbodied honey note. The organic certified mountain an alpine honey “Miel du ciel” from beekeeper Ernst Iten, is perfect for our gin. Together with his wife Theres, daughter Nora and over 30 colonies with 1,5 million bees, he produces the two heavenly honey varieties “Castiel” and “Sapüner”.

The legendary Sapüner honey has its origin at 1770 meters above sea level. On giant mountain pastures bloom bright red alpine roses and vast quantities of wild, colorful meadow flowers. This precious alpine honey complies with the strict guidelines of the Knospe “seal of quality” and is known as a delicacy.

Learn more about the beekeeper and his mountain and alpine honey at:

Breilpur arbeitet mit Ernst Iten und seinen Bienen zusammen für den Honig.